"KosovOssetia" and Croatian nationalism‏
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September 24, 2008
Lund, Sweden
TFF has worked longer than most in ex-Yugoslavia, 
since 1991. Our analyses are neither spin, ghost 
articles by marketing companies, or journalists' 
repetition of journalists¹ repetitions.
There are many reasons why the world should keep 
an eye on what happens in the former Yugoslav 
space. Problems are not solved just because there 
is no open warfare.
Perhaps, the UN, OSCE and civil society 
organizations left too early? Perhaps we need not 
only in-war and violence journalism but also 
pre-war conflict journalism and post-war peace 
and peace-building journalism. That is, if there 
is a peace?
Here are some of our latest works on the former Yugoslavia
- about Croatia¹s still rampant nationalism that 
must be incompatible with EU membership
- about the links between Kosovo and Georgia/Ossetia
- about Macedonia¹s terribly difficult dilemmas concerning Kosovo.
TFF is there. TFF is on the ground where most 
media and diplomats judge (or conveniently 
believe) there is no longer any reasons to be...
Jan Oberg
Re-visiting Croatian nationalism (A)
Or, how nationalist can a country be that wants to join the European Union?
Jan Oberg
Re-visiting Croatian nationalism (B)
Observations in text and pictures from driving around in the country
Aleksandar Mitic and many others
"Welcome to Kosovossetia"
The Kosoco Compromise Newsletter
August-September 2008
Biljana Vankovska
Kosovo - Macedonia's perspectives and dilemmas
Aleksandar Mitic, Iran's Press TV - Video
TV talk-show: ³Kosovo six months on²
Together with Dr. Dusan Relic in Berlin
And your main source to it all, hundreds of articles about former Yugoslavia
- for peace with passion
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