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Français - articles of Uri Avnery in French
Deutsch - Avnery's articles in German
Other languages: google for "Uri Avnery" but add words in your language
"peace" and/or "minister" and/or "government"- and you may easily find any links there are to his articles in your language
Ir Amim
For an Equitable and Stable Jerusalem with an Agreed Political Future
OCHA oPt website
This United Nations office meticulously publishes the facts on the ground
Russian peace site - including translated articles
Alternative Information Center
Association of Forty (unrecognized villages in the Negev)
Breaking the Silence
Brit Tzedek v'Shalom
Citizens for Fair Legislation
Christian Peace Team
Coalition of Women for Peace
Combatants for Peace
Courage to Refuse
Foundation for Middle East Peace
Forum Ezrachy
Gush Shalom naterial translated into German (- 2003)
ICAHD (Israeli Committee Against House Demolition)
IndyMedia Israel
ittijah - union of Arab community based associations
Jerusalemites (a Palestinian site )
Jewish Palestinian dialogue group Basel, Switzerland
Jewish Peace Fellowship
Jewish Voice for Peace
Jews For Justice For Palestinians
Machsom Watch
Mandela Institute for Human Rights - Palestine
MidEast Web GateWay
MIFTAH - founded by Hanan Ashrawi
New Profile - for the Civil-ization of Israeli society
News Alternative
Nizo's blog
Not In My Name
Occupation Magazine - news, articles, translations
Oznik news-service
Palestine remembered
PASSIA (Palestinian Study Center Intl. Affairs)
Peace Now Settlement Watch
Physicians for Human Rights_Israel
PLO negotiation team
Rabbis For Human Rights
Rapprochement (Pal. nonviolence & dialogue)
Shalom Center - Jewish spirituality and peace
Ta'ayush - Jewish-Arab partnership
The Dove and The Dolphin
The Electronic Intifada
The Other Israel - newsletter of the struggle
Tikkun Magazine
Tzedek - progressive Jewish students UC Berkeley
Uri Avnery, his articles + biography
Yesh Gvul - reservists' refusers since 1982
Washington Report on Middle East Affairs



Diary of a Palestinian mother



Electronic Intifada






Sind Palästinenser die echten "Kinder Israels"?






Israelis und Palästinenser im Konflikt



Der Nahostkonflikt



Israel und der Nahe Osten: Friedensprozess



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Der Nahost-Konflikt



Der Nahost-Konflikt,0,0,Geschichte_des_Nahostkonflikts.html



Nahostkonflikt Israel Palästina



Unterrichtsmaterialien zum Nahostkonflikt + Palästina


November / Dezember 2008



Facebook im Nahostkonflikt



Palestine History






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