September 1, 2008
Lund, Sweden

TFF Associates on the Georgia conflict and war

14 years ago...
TFF Fact-Finding Mission to Georgia, South Ossetia and Abkhazia in 1994
"Georgia On Our Minds"
We warned that if this complex conflict formation was not brought up on the international agenda, it would explode. And we made proposals for a better situation than the one we see today (44 pages). PDF, 4,4 MB.

Jan Oberg
War in Georgia: It had to happen
Also on EUobserver
The long insult to Russia
Assessing the Georgian crisis
Jonathan Power
How not to deal with Russia
Michel Chossudovsky
War in the Caucasus: Towards a broader Russia-US military confrontation?
Per Gahrton
Georgia towards new crisis after manipulated elections
And we recommend these too:
Stephen Zunes
U.S. role in Georgia
Russia and Georgia: All about oil

Global Research
Georgian Peace Committee denounces Georgia's aggression

EU Observer
The EU faces Georgian and Russian propaganda on who started the war

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